Bring Your Security
Data to Life

Panther alleviates the pain of traditional SIEM with detection-as-code, a robust security data lake, and huge scalability with zero-ops.

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Built for Scale

Process and retain all of your security data with zero-ops and cloud-first workflows

Real-Time Alerting

Identify suspicious activity as soon as it happens across your entire environment


Build a high-fidelity alerting pipeline with Python, version control, unit tests, and CI/CD

Security Data Lake

Transform raw logs into a structured data warehouse for security at scale

Normalize Your Data

Transform all of your security logs from SaaS applications, cloud platforms, and on-premise systems into structured and searchable database tables. Correlate activity across all log data and answer critical questions fast during an investigation.

Detect Suspicious Activity

Identify sophisticated attacker activity as soon as it happens with out-of-the-box and custom detections. Build meaningful, high-signal alerts with Python, peer reviews, unit tests, and reusable business logic.

Receive Contextual Alerts

Triage alerts faster and enable downstream automation with completely customizable alerts that include useful, event-specific information.

Run Investigations

Tell the full story during an incident with alert summaries and simple-search across IoCs like IPs and domains. Pivot from indicator to indicator with fast queries across large volumes of historical security data.