Better Data Leads
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Panther is an open source visibility platform for automating security operations and detecting signs of breach

Your SIEM can’t keep up. Run Panther.

Panther normalizes your security data and integrates into your security operations pipeline to provide complete visibility across your environment.


Panther Solutions


Continuous Security Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility across security logs and cloud infrastructure to quickly detect threats, misconfigurations, and other vulnerabilities that could lead to a breach.


Investigate Alerts

Quickly search Panther's security data lake to contextualize alerts, tune detections, hunt for IOCs, and assess the impact of threats moving through your environment.


Threat Hunting

Leverage Panther's normalized fields to search extracted IOCs across all of your log data to bring a holistic approach to threat hunting.


Cloud Compliance

Define security best practices in code to add speed, flexibility, and automation to your compliance initiatives, including SOC, PCI, HIPPA, and more.


SIEM for Snowflake

Turn your Snowflake into a SIEM with real-time alerting and 200+ pre-built detections. Consolidate, normalize, and retain your security data to power investigations, reporting, and visualizations.



Build a structured security data lake from all of your default AWS logs to power real time detections, fast queries, threat hunting, and robust security analytics.

"Panther has proved incredibly easy for a small security team to roll out to a multi-account enterprise environment, and we’re confident we have an easily scalable roadmap for the future."

Patrick Hagan

Security Engineer, Scribd

"Panther bridges the gap between security event detection and the platforms operations teams already use to mount structured and fast responses. It is a must-have for any business adopting a DevSecOps mindset."

Andrew Miklas

cofounding CTO, PagerDuty

"Panther’s architecture is perfect for a modern technology organization: easy to roll out, scalable, and with an interface that helps us centralize and expand several of our core security & compliance operations."

Aaron Zollman

CISO at Cedar


End-to-End Visibility

Automate your continuous security monitoring pipeline to rapidly detect and remediate threats.

Log Analysis

Automate threat detection to quickly identify and remediate suspicious behaviors.

AWS Cloud Security

Continuously audit your AWS cloud configurations with policies as code.

Data Analytics

Search normalized data to power investigations, baseline behaviors, and generate advanced analytics.


Built for Modern Security Teams

Panther helps security teams do more with less resources with automation and cloud-first workflows.

Real-time Detections

Get notified immediately when suspicious activity occurs.

Extreme Scalability

Process, analyze, and retain terabytes of security data at low costs.

Detections as Code

Use Python to write powerful and flexible detection logic.

Your Data. Fully Open

Plug into your favorite data tools like Looker, Snowflake, and Tableau.

Rich Integrations

Interface with Incident Management, SOAR, and other SecOps workflows.

Open to the Core

Open source, open standards, and open data formats every step of the way.

Run Panther

Learn how to secure your cloud, network, applications, and endpoints with Panther Enterprise.

Cloud-Native SIEM for Modern Security Teams.

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