A Cloud-Native SIEM for the Modern Security Team

Panther enables security teams to quickly and automatically detect threats in log data and cloud infrastructure.

The Panther Platform

Panther enables teams to worry less about operational overhead, and more about protecting your business from cyberattacks.

Log Analysis

Automatically detect cyberattacks by analyzing network, endpoint and cloud logs.

Cloud Security

Real-time detection and remediation of vulnerable cloud resources.

Core Features

Cloud Security

Detect misconfigured and vulnerable resources in your cloud infrastructure.

Real-Time Log Analysis

Harness the power of Python to detect attacks across various environments.

Cloud Inventory

Search and filter all cloud resources across all of your accounts.

Extreme Scale

Process at scale and cost efficiently from GBs to TBs of data per day.

Automatic Remediation

Quickly correct misconfigured cloud resources as defined in policies.

Quick and Flexible On-Boarding

Simple deployments into your AWS account, and support for consuming data from multiple accounts and regions.

Flexible Detections

Use our built-in rules and policies for a strong baseline, and write custom detections specific to your business.

Use the Panther UI to write, update, and tune detections, or upload packages to support developer workflows.

Real-Time Analysis and Alerting

Notify your team with concise and helpful alerts. Integrate with dozens of popular integrations including Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, and more.

Single Pane of Glass

Panther is designed to centralize data and extract insights from multiple environments to provide a unified security view. 

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