Our Mission is to Help Businesses Prevent Security Breaches.


Panther is an engineering-first company. Our roots come from building large scale tools to solve security issues. We work hard to instill reliability and best practices into our code in order to uphold confidence in our products.

Solutions rooted in scalability and usability

Scalability out of the box

Panther capacity for extreme scale was built from the ground up by a small team using cutting-edge serverless technologies.

Security DNA

The majority of our team comes from a security background – the Panther product is developed with the strongest security standards

Experience obsession

Existing security tools in the market are either too clunky or confusing. At Panther, we’re obsessed with making tools that security professionals find delightful.

“When security issues inevitably occur, a fast response can make an enormous difference in mitigating the damage done. Panther bridges the gap between security event detection and the platforms operations teams already use to mount structured and fast responses. It is a must-have for any business adopting a DevSecOps mindset.”.

Andrew Miklas, cofounding CTO PagerDuty


At Panther, we want to help companies stay secure. We are a group of engineers with early members coming from Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Google etc. and have solved complex security issues at scale.

Jack Naglieri

Founder, CEO

Austin Byers

Lead Backend Engineer

Quan Pham

Lead Frontend Engineer

Kostas Papageorgiou

Senior Security Engineer

Nicholas Hakmiller

Security Engineer

Aggelos Arvanitakis

Frontend Engineer

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