Our Company Values:

  • Customer First

    Listen and be attentive to customers, understand their pain points, and build solutions to keep them happy.

  • Relentless Prioritization

    Focus on the most urgent and important items with the highest customer or market impact.

  • Move Fast and Iterate

    Ship quickly, incorporate feedback, scale, repeat.

  • Be an Owner

    Take ownership and be the change you want to see in our company and product.

  • Seek to Understand

    Build empathy, learn from your teammates, measure success using data, and continually learn and grow.

  • Build Clarity

    Create narratives to express ideas, commit to actionable and accountable next-steps.

Jack Naglieri

Founder, CEO

Austin Byers

Lead Engineer, Enterprise and Dev

William Lowe

Head of Business Operations

Russell Leighton

Principal Engineer, Data Analytics

Kostas Papageorgiou

Lead Engineer, Data Processing

Nicholas Hakmiller

Lead Engineer, Security Eng.

Aggelos Arvanitakis

Lead Engineer, Frontend

Nick Angelou

Production Operations Manager

Kartikey Pandey

Head of Content

Sugandha Lahoti

Technical Writer

Nadia Hadri

Senior Marketing Manager

Kenny Cump

Enterprise Account Executive

Tim Prowitt

Enterprise Account Executive

Alex Mylonas

Senior Software Engineer

George Papadrosou

Senior Software Engineer

Theodore Vorillas

Senior Software Engineer

Shadi Zomorodian

Talent and People Manager

Serban Tanasa

Staff Data Engineer

Dimitris Zoitas


Lindsey Whitehurst

Security Engineer

Weyland Chiang

Security Engineer

Alex Sigalas

Backend Engineer

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