Helping Security Teams Prevent Breaches at Cloud-Scale.

Panther helps modern security teams build world-class detection and response pipelines using code and automation, developer-friendly workflows, and big data primitives.

Empowering Companies with Security

Panther is a security analytics platform designed to help teams detect and respond to breaches at cloud-scale.

Over the last 10 years, cloud services and infrastructure have resulted in an explosion of security-relevant data. Security teams are responsible for collecting and analyzing all of this data to detect suspicious activity and prevent breaches from happening.

After struggling with these challenges for years at companies like Amazon and Airbnb, Panther was founded by a team of seasoned security practitioners to build a single, modern platform for security teams to operate at a high scale.

2018Founded in SF
$20M+In funding
100TB+Data processed per day

Our Values

Customer First

We listen to customers, understand their pain, and build solutions that keep them happy.

Relentless Prioritization

We focus on the most urgent and important tasks that yield the highest customer and market impacts.

Move Fast and Iterate

We ship code quickly, incorporate feedback from customers, scale solutions, and repeat.

Be an Owner

We take ownership over our processes and deliverables from start to finish to produce quality products.

Seek to Understand

We celebrate empathy, learn from our teammates, measure success with data, and continually learn and grow.

Open and Transparent

We communicate with clarity, create customer narratives, commit to actionable and accountable plans, and give feedback.

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