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Real-Time Security Monitoring

Panther collects all of your security data and sends alerts immediately when suspicious activity is noticed.

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Analyze critical SaaS and IaaS activity from AWS, Okta, G Suite, Box, and more

Built-in Rules

200+ fully open source detections based on MITRE ATT&CK, CIS, and PCI

Quick Onboarding

Connect your accounts in 15 minutes and start analyzing data

Collect Data from Everywhere

Panther supports analyzing data from a variety of sources including AWS and GCP, security tools like Osquery and OSSEC, and SaaS applications such as G Suite, Okta, and OneLogin.

Logs are analyzed as soon as possible, resulting in quicker identification of attacks. Collected data is normalized and retained to power future investigations in AWS or Snowflake.

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Express Yourself with Python

Write, test, and deploy detections with Python directly from the browser. Don't be tied down to a proprietary query language.

Expressive, flexible, and testable Python detections promote the automated security operations pipeline.

Monitor Your Logs in Real-Time

Gain high-level analytics and insights on alerts, rules, and events with the Log Analysis Dashboard.

Add a layer of graphs and visualizations to help you understand data scale and alert frequency, and quickly identify high priority alerts.

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Learn how to secure your cloud, network, applications, and endpoints with Panther Enterprise.