Powerful Log Analysis

Overwhelmed with security data? Panther automates log analysis in real-time with Python. Designed for the sophisticated analyst, Panther is a must-have security platform in a complex cloud system.

Real-Time Analysis

Gain a holistic view of your multi-account and multi-region cloud infrastructure resources within few minutes of onboarding with Cloudformation.

Power and Flexibility

Write custom Python to express simple or complex detections. Don’t be tied down by a proprietary query language.

Extreme Scale

Built on serverless technologies, Panther auto-scales to process TBs with high reliability.

Endpoints, Networks and Clouds

Panther provides insight into activity anywhere in your environments from popular network, endpoint, and cloud integrations.



Avoid Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue leads to desensitization and ultimately longer response times and missing important alarms. With Panther’s windowed merging and deterministic rules-engine, your team will only receive alerts when necessary.

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Join the Silicon Valley thought-leaders who have relied on Panther as their SIEM of choice.

The most powerful cloud security platform.

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