Powerful Log Analysis

Overwhelmed with security data? Panther automates log analysis in real-time with Python. Designed for the sophisticated analyst, Panther is a must-have security platform in a complex cloud ecosystem.

Real-Time Analysis

Never miss a beat – detect suspicious activity right when it occurs.

Power and Flexibility

Write custom Python to express simple or complex detections. Don’t be tied down to a proprietary query language.

Extreme Scale

Built on serverless technologies, Panther auto-scales to process TBs/day with high reliability.

Historical Search

Transforming how security teams operate with comprehensive data and deep analytics
Collect Data from Everywhere
Panther supports analyzing data from anywhere in your environments from with popular cloud, network, endpoint, and application integrations. Panther can also hook into popular log aggregation frameworks such as Fluentd or Logstash.
Avoid Alert Fatigue
Alert fatigue leads to ultimately longer response times and missing important alarms. With Panther’s windowed merging and deterministic rules-engine, your team will only receive alerts that they care about.

Run Panther

Learn how to secure your cloud, network, applications, and endpoints with Panther Enterprise.

Cloud-Native SIEM for Modern Security Teams.

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