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Detect threats with log data and improve cloud security posture with Panther.


Cloud-Native SIEM for the Modern Security Team

Open source & enterprise-ready:
  • Real-Time and Historical Log Analysis
  • Cloud Security and Remediation
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Historical Search of Log Data
  • Powerful User Interface
  • 100+ Pre-Built Rules and Policies

Enterprise Cloud-Prem

Advanced Detections and Max Performance

Everything in Community, plus:
  • Premium rule and policy packs (PCI, AWS+)
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • 24 x 7 Support & Live Chat

Enterprise SaaS

Scale Up in Our Securely Hosted Environment

Everything in Εnterprise, plus:
  • Single-Tenant Cloud-Hosting
  • Fully Managed
  • Elastic Scale
  • Automatic Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for new cloud security solutions? Let us tell you about Panther.

What is Panther and how does it work?
Panther is an open source, cloud-native SIEM designed for threat detection, cloud security, and data analysis.
What are use cases for Panther?
Panther is a modern alternative to traditional SIEMs and the next step for security teams. Following are some of the common use-cases of Panther:

  • Detect Unauthorized Access: Analyze host-based logs to identify unauthorized access into systems that could indicate a breach
  • Power Your Investigations: Join data from various sources to determine if a potential compromise has occurred.
  • Threat Hunting: Quickly search all of your logs for matches against indicators of compromise by utilizing Panther’s standardized data fields
  • Achieve Compliance: Use built-in rules and policies as controls for SOC/PCI/HIPAA compliance
  • Secure Cloud Resources: Automatically fix misconfigurations that can cause extreme damage
What is Panther’s mission and who are the people behind it?
We understand that security teams struggle to keep up with scale, hiring, and overhead which is why we built Panther. Our mission is to build the most complete, reliable, and transparent security platform to help companies of all sizes protect against cybersecurity threats.

We are a team of security engineers who have spent years empowering detection for large companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Riverbed, and more. Panther was founded by the core architect of StreamAlert, a cloud-native, log analysis solution. You can learn more about the team behind Panther here.

How does Panther compare against traditional SIEMs?
Panther is the most complete cloud security and detection platform in the market. At Panther, we believe the future of SIEM is cloud-based and engineering-focused. Here’s a quick snapshot of how Panther compares against traditional SIEM tools and cloud security platforms:
Does Panther come with built-in rules?
Yes! Panther includes 200+ rules and policies to support standards such as CIS and others. You can view the source code repository here.
Can Panther analyze network traffic?
Panther supports logs to analyze network traffic for suspicious activity. These are some of the popular log types that Panther supports currently:
Where can we send alerts?
Panther lets you dispatch alerts to your team and integrates into existing workflows using the following destinations. These are some of the popular destinations supported by Panther currently:

  • Ticketing
  • JIRA
  • Github
  • Asana
Is Panther Open Source?
Yes! Check out our repository on Github.
Where does my data go?
Your data always stays within your own AWS account, encrypted.
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