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Security Data Lake With Snowflake And Panther

A modern approach to security leveraging data lakes and detection-as-code.

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Security Visibility Starts With Good Data.

All The Data. All The Speed.

Panther and Snowflake bring together best of breed data solutions to offer cybersecurity teams a scalable architecture for integrating cybersecurity and contextual business data. Organizations ingest, parse, normalize, and analyze their security data with Panther and store it in Snowflake for long-term retention, creating a well-structured and scalable security data lake.

Snowflake takes the guesswork out of data planning while Panther provides serverless scale and real-time detection and alerting, improving key security metrics like Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), Mean Time to Investigate (MTTI), and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

Security Data Lake

Turn your Snowflake into a SIEM with structured and normalized security data, real-time alerts, and serverless scale


Build scalable and automated processes for writing and hardening detections that identify sophisticated threats across your rapidly expanding environment.

Data Normalization and Parsing

Parse, normalize, and analyze security data in real-time as it streams into your Snowflake for long-term, affordable retention and powerful investigations.

Automate Control Validation

Leverage additional data sets in Snowflake like threat intelligence and HR data for advanced correlations and automated control validation.

Analytics at Scale

Perform big data analytics and use dedicated visualization tools like Tableau and Sigma for true at-a-glance visibility into baselines and anomalies.

Real-Time Alerts and Detection-as-Code

Security teams use Panther to continuously monitor applications and systems like AWS CloudTrail, CrowdStrike, Google Workspace, Okta, Slack, and more. By leveraging serverless stream processing and Python for alerting, Panther offers security teams a scalable and flexible platform for writing hardened detections that produce high-signal alerts against high-scale security data.

Detections run continuously against streaming event data for true real-time alerting or historically against collected and normalized data for advanced correlation. Detection-as-code provides the flexibility, testability, and repeatability teams need to build data-driven security programs that continually improve incident detection and response.

Scale Up. Scale Down. Save money.

Stop paying for capacity you don’t use. By separating storage from compute, Snowflake provides a scalable and cost-effective data platform for your security team to build a successful detection and response program.

With massive scalability delivered as a service, you no longer need to manage clusters, multiple tiers of storage, or archive restoration and rehydration efforts. When you need to search across months of log data to answer important questions, leverage virtually unlimited compute resources to get answers fast and only pay for what you use.

See It In Action.

Request a demo today. Together, Snowflake and Panther can help your organization build a data-driven security program and achieve better security at scale with agility, cost efficiency, and end-to-end visibility.

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